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Founded in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, Polybottle was acquired in 1977 by the ABC Group of Companies.

The ABC Group is a global automotive and industrial manufacturer. Since its formation in 1974, the ABC Group has expanded rapidly, and now operates more than thirty facilities worldwide and employs over 3,000 people. All of the ABC Group's operations, including Polybottle's facilities, are supported by the ABC Group Tech Centre, which provides comprehensive R&D, design, enginering, prototyping, testing, and advanced technology services.

Polybottle serves regional, national and international customers in the following sectors:

  • Food  beverage products
  • Household goods
  • Pharmaceutical & Food Suppliments
  • Automotive products
  • Industrial products
  • Agricultural chemicals
We consider product Quality one of the key strengths of every ABC Group operation.

We are committed to maintaining our QS 9001 / 2000 certification.
Quality begins with a positive working relationship between the manufacturer and the customer to establish a clear understanding of the functional, aesthetic and economic requirements for the task at hand. Our goal is to formulate these objectives in an imaginative strategy, and through a combination of talent, craftsmanship and technology, to achieve product excellence.

Polybottle Group Ltd. strives to be an environmentally conscience company through all aspects of the Manufacturing process. 

This eco-friendly mindset is attained through the support of our Parent Company, ABC Group Ltd and ISO 9001/2000 Quality Procedures.

By constantly monitoring input of raw materials, keeping fall down at a low percentile and offering many in house services, Polybottle achieves their goal.

The majority of our finished goods are produced in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which is recyclable after the package is utilized.

We also encourage use of PCR materials (post consumer recycling) for the blow moulding process whenever applicable.

We feel that utilizing our proactive approach to Plastic Manufacturing, we reduce overall waste. By offering in house multi-services, this enables us to provide a value added facility for our customers and end users to the extent that we hope to even conserve fuel consumption.

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